Bore Sighter & Collimator

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Bore Sighter & Collimator


Bore Sighter (Collimator)


SUTTER Product
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High-quality by SUTTER®

Features and Benefits:

  • Catalog number: 131010
  • Practical help when mounting your rifle scope
  • For hunters, shooters and gunsmiths
  • Pre-adjust your rifle scope before the first shoot
  • e.g. after changing the scope
  • For checking and correcting the rifle scope adjustment of weapons, which were exposed to heavy shocks or haven't been used a long time
  • Includes adjustable calibre drone
  • Further calibre drones for all common calibers


  • Precision of the grid:
    4 MOA = 4" Inch @ 100 Yard
  • Infinitely adjustable calibre drone for
    all calibers from 12 to 20mm
  • Further calibre drones for the following calibres:
  • Dimensions (case): 280x210x70mm
  • Total weight: 1250g

Package Contents:

  • 1x Bore Sighter
  • 1x Adjustable calibre drone (12-20mm)
  • 14x Caliber drones for all common calibres
  • 1x Carrying case
SUTTER Product
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SUTTER Product
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SUTTER Product
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SUTTER Product
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High-quality by SUTTER®

The company Sutter Ltd. is based on high developed optical devices. Beside the products of our own high-quality brand SUTTER®, wich we have established on the market over years, we also provide products from other well-known high-quality brands.

Emanated from the latest product lines and developments our goods are consequently verified and quality controlled.

See for yourself and give our goods a test.

SUTTER Produkt
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